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Get Better Automotive Care with AAA Car Care Services in Fayetteville, NC

From the check engine light to sudden engine failure, any number of maladies can affect your vehicle and spoil an errand run, or—worse—a long-planned, cross-country road trip before it even begins. Even the most dependable vehicles occasionally need to be serviced. And for complex problems and quality assurance, the Fayetteville Car Care Center has an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified master technician who oversees the full range of automotive work.

Whether it’s catching up on the maintenance schedule or completing a mechanical repair, car care is one thing you shouldn’t leave up to chance. The Fayetteville Car Care Center provides automotive services that include everything from regular maintenance work to major mechanical repairs.

Before you begin shopping for your next car, start with AAA’s auto buying service by dialing 866-545-5601. Need to replace your windshield? Call AAA auto glass at 866-653-3442.

To get help with your vehicle, contact the Fayetteville service center at (910) 864-1205 or pay us a visit at 5321 Red Tip Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28314.

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Flush Functions

Routine maintenance is essential when caring for your vehicle. An important part of this process is regular fluid flushes to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Your car manufacturer will recommend a flush schedule suitable for your vehicle, so check your owner's manual for specifications. Here are the top 3 engine fluids you should flush on a regular basis.

  1. Transmission Fluid Flush – The moving parts of your transmission require lubrication, which comes from transmission fluid. As the fluid cycles through the transmission it collects waste and thickens, forming a dirty sludge. The sludge can stick to the transmission gears, causing shifting problems and an unsafe drive. Old transmission fluid can also cause a surge or delay when the vehicle is in motion. A flush removes the old fluid, which cleans contaminants, debris, and sludge from the transmission, and is replaced with premium transmission fluid.
  2. Coolant/Radiator Flush – Your car's cooling system is responsible for keeping the engine at the right temperature. Coolant, a mixture of water and antifreeze, regulates the system by keeping the engine warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Over time, coolant fills with debris and degrades, weakening the engine's performance. Routine radiator flushes purge the system of old antifreeze and buildup. New antifreeze contains additives that protect your radiator against new contaminants and buildup.
  3. Power Steering Flush – With routine wear and tear, your power steering's components may break down, causing tiny pieces to contaminate the power steering fluid. Since this fluid is essential to proper steering function, it is important to replace it if smells burnt or you see metal flakes upon inspection. During a power steering flush, the old fluid is removed along with the contaminants. New fluid is installed. 

Today's vehicles have different needs than those of the past. Proper maintenance can prevent safety issues and costly repairs in the future. Review the suggested flush schedule in your owner's manual and schedule a fluid flush today a your favorive AAA Car Care Center. For additional car care tips, visit our website.

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