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Charlotte AAA Carolinas Headquarters

6600 AAA Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28212
Auto Services 704-569-3600
Auto Glass 866-653-3442
Auto Buying 866-545-5601
Auto Services Hours Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Battery Replacement, Auto Buying Service, Auto Glass

Auto Buying At AAA we offer personalized car buying from the automotive experts. With more than 20 years experience in the auto sales industry, we have the automotive expertise you’re looking for when buying a new, used or certified vehicle.

Get Better Automotive Care with AAA Car Care Services in Charlotte, NC

From the check engine light to sudden engine failure, any number of maladies can affect your vehicle and spoil an errand run, or—worse—a long-planned, cross-country road trip before it even begins. Even the most dependable vehicles occasionally need to be serviced. And for complex problems and quality assurance, the Charlotte AAA Carolinas Headquarters Car Care Center has an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified master technician who oversees the full range of automotive work.

Whether it’s catching up on the maintenance schedule or completing a mechanical repair, car care is one thing you shouldn’t leave up to chance. The Charlotte AAA Carolinas Headquarters Car Care Center provides automotive services that include everything from regular maintenance work to major mechanical repairs.

Before you begin shopping for your next car, start with AAA’s auto buying service by dialing 866-545-5601. Need to replace your windshield? Call AAA auto glass at 866-653-3442.

To get help with your vehicle, contact the Charlotte AAA Carolinas Headquarters service center at (704) 569-3600 or pay us a visit at 6600 AAA Dr., Charlotte, NC 28212.

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Ways to Increase Your Gas Mileage Performance

Although gasoline is currently more affordable than in years past, we know it is only temporary. Therefore, it pays to imporove your fuel efficiency and keep the money in your pocket. Here are some ways to increase your gas mileage performance with very little effort.

  1. Change your driving style. Going fast can be tempting, but it also burns more fuel. If you slow down, you will save more miles per gallon on your trip. Taking it easy on your throttle and brakes will also save you gas mileage and costly repairs on brake pads. 
  2. Don't idle for too long. If you know you are going to be waiting for a few minutes, turn the engine off. It can make a difference in fuel economy, especially if you do it a lot. This goes for warming up and cooling off your vehicle too. 
  3. Maintain your vehicle. Visit a local AAA Car Care Center for routine maintenance. Have the oil changed and the air filter checked. Follow the manufacturer's recommended schedule for maintenance.
  4. Check your tire pressure. Making sure your vehicle's tires are set to the recommended pressure can increase fuel economy. If your tires need to be replaced, visit AAA's online tire store.
  5. Know the difference between city driving and highway driving. City driving burns more fuel because vehicles are constantly stopping and starting. When possible, drive on the highway for better fuel economy.
  6. Purchase the right gas for your car. Your owner's manual will list the correct octane gasoline you should use for your vehicle. If your vehicle is designed to run on regular gasoline, premium-grade won't improve your fuel economy. 
  7. Lighten your load. The more weight in your vehicle, the more gas you will burn. Clean out your trunk and avoid hauling heavy loads.
  8. Plan out your driving and combine trips or carpool when you can. 

By simply changing a few habits, you can make a difference in your savings at the pump. Make an appointment for a tune-up at your local AAA Car Care Center and be sure your car is running efficiently. When you are ready to purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle, reach out to AAA's Auto Buying team for assistance and don't forget to print out a coupon!

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