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Charlotte AAA Carolinas Headquarters

6600 AAA Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28212
Auto Services 704-569-3600
Auto Glass 866-653-3442
Auto Buying 866-545-5601
Auto Services Hours Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Battery Replacement, Auto Buying Service, Auto Glass

Auto Buying At AAA we offer personalized car buying from the automotive experts. With more than 20 years experience in the auto sales industry, we have the automotive expertise you’re looking for when buying a new, used or certified vehicle.

Get Better Automotive Care with AAA Car Care Services in Charlotte, NC

From the check engine light to sudden engine failure, any number of maladies can affect your vehicle and spoil an errand run, or—worse—a long-planned, cross-country road trip before it even begins. Even the most dependable vehicles occasionally need to be serviced. And for complex problems and quality assurance, the Charlotte AAA Carolinas Headquarters Car Care Center has an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified master technician who oversees the full range of automotive work.

Whether it’s catching up on the maintenance schedule or completing a mechanical repair, car care is one thing you shouldn’t leave up to chance. The Charlotte AAA Carolinas Headquarters Car Care Center provides automotive services that include everything from regular maintenance work to major mechanical repairs.

Before you begin shopping for your next car, start with AAA’s auto buying service by dialing 866-545-5601. Need to replace your windshield? Call AAA auto glass at 866-653-3442.

To get help with your vehicle, contact the Charlotte AAA Carolinas Headquarters service center at (704) 569-3600 or pay us a visit at 6600 AAA Dr., Charlotte, NC 28212.

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Avoid Problems At the Pump with Proper Gas Station Etiquette

Whether you are pulling in to top off your tank or you're teetering on empty, it is likely you will be visiting a gas station in the next week. If you are a new driver, or just need a refresher on gas station etiquette, take a look at some of these tips to avoid potential problems at the pump. 

  1. No smoking. The signs are there for a reason. Gas is flammable and you are endangering yourself and others at the pump if you light up.
  2. Turn down the music. As you pull up to the pump, be courteous to others and turn down the radio. Loud music is rude and distracting to other patrons.
  3. Avoid loud cell phone conversations. Conduct your personal calls in private. No one needs to hear the details of your life as you pump your gas, and many stations also discourage device usage for safety reasons.
  4. Pull up to the first pump. Always use the first pump that is open so someone else can pull behind you. This keeps cars moving safely through the station. 
  5. Turn off your engine. While it is unlikely that there will be an explosion from the vapors igniting, it could happen. Why take the chance? Take an extra minute to turn off the engine while you pump. 
  6. Stay with your car. Unless you need to pay with cash inside before you pump, don't leave your car at one of the pumps. It is not a parking spot. If you need to use the restroom or purchase something, pull up to a spot and get out after you fill up. 
  7. If there is a regular gas pump available, don't use the diesel pump station. Leave it open for diesel vehicles. 
  8. Do a quick cleaning and air pump. Most people that stop to use these services need to get in and out. Be mindful of others waiting. 

Getting gas is a necessary inconvenience for most of us. By showing courtesy, you will lessen the likelihood of potential problems when everyone is in a rush to get to their next destination. At your next gas station visit, be mindful of others and follow these suggested tips for a swift and pleasant experience at the pump.

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